Visitor Center & Gift Shop





Come directly to the Old Town Malibu visitor center and gift shop.  We are located at the gateway of the old Rancho Malibu Topanga Sequit in eastern Malibu.

Make this your favorite stop and take a step back in time while you explore our many natural treats and treasures. Pick up free samples and free Santa Monica Mountains visitor information. We provide local hiking trail maps, as well as private guided tours for your unique experience of the culture and wildlife of old rural Malibu.  

The Old Town Malibu visitor center and gift shop is located within the suite of the oldest Malibu barber shop. The vintage Malibu Plaza dates as far back to the early 1930s and is the location of the original Malibu Post Office.  You will enjoy a step into the past as you also visit the Plaza's other old town Malibu country style stores. See our article on this site for more interesting stories about this special destination and other little known facts about the historical culture of rural vintage Malibu.