Malibu Mountain Tea
At Old Town Malibu we serve a variety of teas in honor of our native plants and Malibu mountains.  Malibu's original inhabitants, the Chumash Indians, thrived by collecting and eating a variety of wild plant foods. The following tea flavors represent the native plants found in the immediate Malibu mountainous area. They are served with a black or green tea base, and come in caffeinated or decaffeinated varieties:  


Malibu Mountain Tea:  Acorn, Black Walnut, Blackberry, Elderberry, Maple, Mint, Sage, Camomile, Chia Sage, Rose Hip

Other Specialty Tea:  Matcha, Green Tea, Black-Apricot, Black-Berry, Black-Vanilla, Black-Lavender

Malibu Medicinal Tea:  Black Sage and California Sage Brush

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