Indian Milkweed Seeds - (Malibu Native, Asclepias eriocarpa) - visitors

Indian Milkweed Seeds - (Malibu Native, Asclepias eriocarpa)

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Malibu is a special habitat for the threatened and cherished Monarch butterfly. It is a well known location for Monarch "roosting" sites during the colder months of the Monarch's international journey.  Milkweed is the only plant species in which Monarch butterflies lay their eggs to complete their life cycle. Indian Milkweed is a native variety which is indigenous to the Malibu mountain region. Also historically used by the local Chumash tribes for rope making and weaving, milkweed plants are critical for both cultural and wildlife conservation.

Old Town Malibu is an active supporter of The Malibu Monarch Project. 10% of seed proceeds are donated directly to their non-profit organization.